Blend – Myumyune Islyamova, founded in 1991 year from Myumyune and Adem Islyamovi, started with the processing of land and the cultivation of tobacco on an area of 350 dekare.


Their successful operations, led to the increase in cultivated area, on which diversify the cultivation of various crop plantations.

Subsequently, the company increased its area of 10 000 dekare of land in the village Suhozem and village Begovo, community Kaloyanovo.

On this land are cultivated different species and crop varieties – corn, wheat, sunflower, rice,tobacco, wineyards and cherries.

Areas treated with high-technical machines – tractors and harvesters John Deere.

Used plant protection, fertilizers and plant regulators are in high level. Manufacturers BAYER and BASF, give the quality which they aspire.

Multiannual work, perseverance and love to the land contribute creation the company Green Industry, and later in 2006 year, launched subsidiary La Barca.

Regardless of what has been achieved here, companies continue to improve and modernize production. Every year they introduce new machines, purchased or rented new land.